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                Lk beautiful gram photoelectric group (Hong Kong) Co., LTD

                Address: Hong Kong new kwai chang kwai chung road 26-38 luxury industry building

                Tel: 00852-30788733 fax: 00852-35684387

                Web site: www.jrjykz.icu

                E-mail: lumencore@vip.qq.com


                Lk beautiful gram photoelectric group (Hong Kong) Co., LTD. Has advanced packaging equipment and excellent high-tech talent, is a collection of r &d, production, sales and service four one of the high-tech enterprises. Main products: (1) the independent innovation atomization type straight insert LED LAMP light source (2) high quality SMD TOP type illuminant (3) high power LED, focus on unconventional LED ... More

                Lk beautiful gram (LMC)
                Lk beautiful gram (LMC)
                Lk beautiful gram (LMC)
                Lk beautiful gram (LMC)
                Lndustry news
                Roland company introduce
                Analyzed that UV-LED the
                UV light source developm
                China green lighting dev
                LED spectral color separ

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